Who We Are?

CredoKart is a fin-tech startup in the working capital space. The company has built digital tools based on data analysis that helps lenders assess applicants’ creditworthiness and deliver other services.

CredoKart, providing SME lending in India. The company sought to reform small business lending by making it easier for businesses to get credit. The company employs technology and analytics techniques to assess the creditworthiness of small businesses quickly and correctly by evaluating thousands of data points from numerous data sources.

CredoKart does not focus on the vendor’s old records (Past Financial Statements & Income Tax returns) to evaluate the credit risk profile of a potential client. Client’s current year’s cash flows and business growth is our main focus. The goal is to put capital funding at their fingertips so that entrepreneurs may focus on their business rather than worrying about cash flow shortages.

We are currently located in Ajmer but we serve across India.

Our Goal

Credokart intends to close the huge gap between demand and supply of debt to MSMEs in India, as well as inefficiencies in traditional lending processes, by providing quick and transparent access to debt to creditworthy borrowers.

Credokart’s founders have personally faced several challenges in the traditional business lending processes and aim to reform the way lending works. We strive to change the lending mechanism to the advantage of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Our Vision & Mission

Credokart Group aims to bring working capital credit at the fingertips of entrepreneurs so they can focus on their business rather than worrying about cash flow gaps.


Customers Empowered

$5 billion+

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Why Credokart ?

Online Process

The application is entirely online and takes only 15 minutes.

Requires Few Documents

For e-commerce vendors, we only take bank statements.

Collateral Free

There are no requirements for collateral or net worth details.

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Get your loan in just 3 days and utilize it to expand your business.

Our Success Stories

Our partners are associated with us because they believe in the value of our platform.

“Credokart Business loans really helps us to grow our business, because we have got a project which was really big but we need funds for that, so we apply for business loan through credokart website. The application process was very easy and smooth. And after getting funds for my business my business got a new direction. Thank you Credokart.”


Mr. Sarthak Agarwal

Personal Loan

““I had really amazing experience with Loan Services. I am so thankful to help you guys gave to me. My loan was easy and fast with minimum documentation. Thank you Credokart”


Mr Mohit Sharma

Business Loan

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